An Accounting and Finance graduate with a love of numbers and football, I made my first real foray into the world of stock markets over ten years ago. I now look to use my experiences gained from the FTSE Market, CryptoCurrency, and others, to now focus primarily on Football Index.

Right from a very young age, which started initially from playing the stock market card game 'PIT' I've always been intrigued in the markets, how and why they work but it wasn’t until my time at University until my first real participation took place. Undertaking a 9-month project using a fictional £10,000 to invest in the FTSE Stock market, analysing and reporting my findings each week, many early lessons were learnt right there and then. This led to a career as a financial analyst before switching the office for a classroom to teach Mathematics to unruly teenagers. 

My other keen interest as a youngster was fantasy football. I would (and indeed still do for Football Index reasons now), religious research and watch as much football as I could using any resource available in order to win the £2-a-head monthly competition ran between school friends.  Fast forward a few years and combining these two hobbies of markets and football and on a Sunday night, you can usually find myself marking papers whilst scouting the latest heavy hitters in Ligue Une in a match between Rennes and Guincamp.



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